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"Mystery in White" by Farjeon, Joseph Jefferson

"Mystery in White" is a book written by the English author Joseph Jefferson Farjeon.
"Mystery in White" was published for the first time in 1937.
The writer was born in London in 1883 and is primarily an author of mystery novels.
The protagonist’s name of the novel "Mystery in White" is Jessie.
She is a dancer, who is also the narrating voice of the story.
Jessie narrates that the train on which Jessie was traveling remains stuck in the snow, so, she and the other people try to walk through the countryside to another station, but the snowfall was so strong that they got lost and Jessie fainted and twisted an ankle.
Then, a young man, whose name is Mr. Carrington, helped Jessie and took her to a house, sheltered from heavy snow.
In this novel, there are all the ingredients to be an intrigued story: a train stuck in the middle of nowhere in the snow, a mysterious house, with warm lighted fireplaces, a blood-stained knife in the kitchen, but also a group of people who have secrets and mysteries, screams in the night and many situations at the limit.
A yellow with a retro flavor, dark and sinister atmospheres that make the narration of sure interest, pleasant and intriguing.
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