Video appunto: English composition
Mr Gradgrind is a man of fact and calculation who lives in a square world. Sissy Jupe is a young girl who lives in her world of spontaneity. But, what are the pros and cons of being a person of fact and calculations like Mr Grangrind?
First of all, a person of facts and calculation is able to analyze everything using a mathematic method.
I think that this kind of person have some scientific certainties and analytical method which allow him/her to proceed systematically to resolve problems, applying mathematic rules, as in equations. It can be a great advantage in order to solve everyday’s problem, thanks to the scientific approach.
However, in my opinion the main disadvantage is living in a limited world.
Humans are very complex and their behaviors cannot be understood only with facts and figures. Moreover, many things of our universe cannot be explained, thought or analyzes, because of our precarious essence.
Imagination, feelings, dreams and instincts shouldn’t be completely repressed: they are an important part of our nature. It’s necessary finding an equilibrium between reason and sentiment in order to live well. A person of facts and figures outlines everything crushing his own feelings which cannot be objectively analyzed.
A person of realities believes in his or her world, based on real things, but it isn’t a concrete life.