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The Elizabethan Age

During the sixteenth century, England and Wales were under the Tudors'control and Elizabeth I was the last queen of the Tudor dynasty.
She took the crown in 1558 while England was going through a particularly difficult period because of some religious and economic problems and the atmosphere was really tense, but Elizabeth I was a very intelligent queen and the Elizabethan Age ( 45 years of reign ) soon converted into the Golden Age of England.

The queen thanks to her cleverness created a church that made both the reformers and the conservatives happy. There was a growth in population after the pandemy of the Black Death that devasteted the whole country during the previous period and even the city of London grew.

There was a high request of luxury goods for that reason: in fact people moved from the countryside into the cities and needed some goods to live such as food, clothes and household and so there were more merchants around ready to satisfy all the request of the citizens.
Another important feature of that age was the Global exploration thanks to which Britain became a great maritime nation and developed the trading activity with the entire world after America had been discovered in 1492.

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