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George Eliot

George Eliot was a male pseudonym used by a woman, famous because she went against social conventions of her time. She was born in Yorkshire around 1819; her childhood was very happy, in fact she speaks in his novels of the happiness she lived in the countryside of Yorkshire describing the lifestyle of that place. She studied at Coventry, then to the death of his father he studied in London. In these places, she was introduced in cultural events and places of the moment knowing the most important personalities of her time, and in this way improved her knowledge.

She had a particular personality. In this place she knows Lewis, an intellectual of the period, who was married with three children, and given that he could not divorce they decided to live together. This was the best time for her work, because she reached a maximum period of peace where she managed to concentrate and pay attention only on her novels and works. When Lewis died, she decided to marry a man 20 years younger than her, and this caused a sensation at the time.

The most important novel was "The mill on the floss" that reflected the life and the traditional family countryside. She wrote her novels not only for fun, not to entertain readers, but to describe and make reflections on new ideas and new techniques of her time. She wanted to introduce in her novels the life countryside in London and Yorkshire talking about the real social problems of his characters, considering the work and cultural problems, in fact, she spoke of the everyday problems of the middle class, to which belonged the doctors, merchants and traders. She did not removed never persons and characters from their real lives. Here we can see the differences between Eliot and Dickens. In fact, while Dickens describes the world of a particular part of London slums and special characters, such as thieves, murderers, drunk .. she speaks of the typical characters of middle - up class and their everyday problems

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