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Sister Carrie - Theodore Dreiser

Sister Carrie is a novel written by Theodore Dreiser which tells the story of a country girl who moves to Chicago looking for fortune and a rich life.
The girl, attracted by the luxury and the money initially went to live with a traveling salesman, but later became seduced by an operator of a bar, the harbor 'in New York, where he lived as a married couple. But man, for love of the girl, had stolen a large sum of money, so soon ruined losing respect for himself and the girl.
The girl left the man to his fate, and became rich and famous actress.
The novel was considered scandalous for the immoral behavior of the protagonist.

The novel can be considered a realistic and powerful document of America of the time, it is the context, characterized by men who build large fortunes and win by force lack of scruples.
The gap between men without scruples who accumulate great fortunes and great miseries of urban suburbs, a world in which the force of instinct or need determine man's efforts and not tall or big motivations ideals, make a book than ever.

The final pages of the novel, with the rise of Carrie and Hurstwood downward spiral that will lead to poverty and death, are in a more than ever effective all the wonder and terror of life.

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