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Doyle, Arthur Conan - Three mysteries of Sherlock Holmes. The five Orange pips

One evening, Holmes and Watson were sitting in their study when John Openshaw entered to ask them help. He had a serious problem about a strange story. In 1869, his uncle Elias came back to England, after some experienced years in USA as planter. He didn’t want any friends, not even his brother, but he liked very much his nephew.

One day, in March 1883, John’s uncle received a letter with only “K.K.K.” written on and five orange pips enclosed.
Elias was very scared and then made a will: he left his money and his possession to his brother and asked John to sign it.
In these days, Elias was very strange and one morning was found dead in the garden.
So, John and his father went to live together in your uncle’s house. A year later, though, Johnson received another letter containing a message and five orange pips: he must put some papers on the sundial. The boy wanted call the police, but his father refused because he thought that it was a joke.
Three days later, Johnson Openshaw was found dead in a cliff.
Suddenly, John received a letter like the one that his uncle and his father had received too.
Holmes told John that he must put on the sundial the small piece he found in his uncle’s room.
After Openshaw leaves, Holmes deduced that the murder was on a ship, because the letters were postmarked in three different seaports. Holmes deduced also that the letters came by steamship and the killer came by sailing ship, so these arrived before the sender.
Holmes also recognized the “K.K.K.” as Ku Klux Klan, a secret society started in America: the members killed the people who were opposed to their political opinions and they always sent a warning to their victims.
The next day, John was found dead in a river. Holmes went to the Port of London and found a ship called “Lone Star” that was in the three seaports. Now, the ship was bound to Savannah, so Holmes sent a telegram to the police. But the Lone Star never arrived there because it sank in the Ocean.
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