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Conan Doyle

Doyle lives in the same period of Wilde. Dorian Gray was born as an American publisher asked him to write a novel in print in America then bought them. The history of the detective is different compared to the gothic novel because in it there are elements or supernatural characters, but there is a main line where the plot is built around the crime and the crime solution where Doyle creating the figure of Holmes, he invented a new scientific method of the detective method based on the study of every detail, not in place or the crime scene but in his chair in his room that becomes a symbol. Through this scientific method tries to resolve cases not going on the spot but by studying all the details in place but not going out of his room in his chair that will become the symbol of Sherlock. Doyle in his novel invented two opposite personalities that coexist or Holmes and Watson that is presented as a character who always questions. Watson was so poor spirit, innocent, and had difficulty understanding the details and the details of the actions of the characters, so always ask for explanations. Through these explanations, he was a means by which one can explain the story.

Ezra Pound

Ezra Pound was very important for English literature for many authors like Joyce, who was helped by Ezra to write and correct the writings of Ulysses and other poets of the moment. He was a critic of literature. Ezra Poud helped many writers to improve the parts of their works. He played a very important role in Joyce's work and life. Joyce's wife was working as a waitress at the Chamber of Svevo. Swabian, like Ezra, helped Joyce to correct and to publish his works, that's because Joyce wanted to stop his novel because he found many problems in the edition of his work, but Erza decided to finance it. Erza Pound was a very important intellectual because it was against German policy and in a public speech expressed his thoughts against the German policy and that's why he was sent to a mental hospital for nine years. Out of the asylum decided to live in Ravallo in Italy.

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