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Doyle, Arthur Conan - Three mysteries of Sherlock Holmes.The adventure of the illustrious client

Sir James Damery came to see Holmes and Watson about a delicate matter of his illustrious client.
He was very worried because the General de Merville’s daughter wanted marry Baron Gruner, one of the most dangerous men in Europe.
The Baron, though, didn’t tell all the truth of his past to his girlfriend and she believed only to him.

So, Holmes decided to contact a police informer.
Holmes spoke immediately with Gruner to convince him to leave Violet, his girlfriend, but the Baron told him that Violet knew about his past.
The police informer and of the baron’s victims, Miss Kitty Winter, met Holmes who spoke them the matter. Kitty thought to help the detective: she proposed to speak with Miss Violet and, if she doesn’t believe her, she can show her a secret Baron’s book where were written all his victim’s names.
The next afternoon, Miss Kitty Winter went to see Miss Violet to speak of the Baron’s story, but she didn’t believe her.
Two days later, Holmes was attacked by two men, but now he wasn’t in any danger, but the detective asked Watson to tell everybody that his injuries were serious, so they could act undisturbed.
Holmes had some plans, that didn’t explain not even to Watson.
After a study of Chinese pottery, Watson went to Baron’s house and posed as a collector and connoisseur of Chinese pottery and try to sell him a saucer.
Gruner realized who had sent Watson, but a noise into his study interrupted the discussion: there was Holmes there.
The Baron threw himself on Holmes who managed to escape through the window.
At the moment, a Kitty arm threw the vitriol in the Baron’s face.
Watson tried to help the Baron before that a police man and a doctor arrived.
Holmes now has the book that will break off the marriage. Miss Kitty Winter was upset but, considering the circumstances, she didn’t get a heavy sentence.
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