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Charles Dickens


He was born in Portsmouth in 1812.
His father went to prison when he was 12, so he had to go to work in a factory and in this way he could understand the misery of poor people especially the problem of exploitation of children.
He had a bad education because he went in a poor school. When he was 16 he has to work in a loyal office, then he became a clerk, then a parliamentary reporter.
He started to write sketches, he became a good journalist.
He married and have a lot of children but then divorced and he married another young girl.

He wrote about poor people, the way they lived. But he didn’t do any action to change this situation: he only wrote.
He shows the misery of Victorian Age in:
- A Christmas carol
- David Copperfield
- Oliver Twist
- Papers of the Pickwick club


Fog and mud are here the sombre symbols of the court of Chancery and its procedures.
Dickens had served as reporter in his youth and he had come to know the inefficiency and injustice of this institution.
In the some way as the fog cover the islets and the city, the Court of Chancery is blind and obscure.
Anyway there is a comic side: how people walked, denounce think not
good also if he saw the comic side of this way of living.


The humour of this episode is in the fact that everyone is in good faith:
Mrs. Bardell who has long worshipped Mr. Pickwick, really believes he is proposing to her.
The man is bewildered when she put her arms round his neck.
His 3 friends imagine they’ve interrupted a tender love-scene, and only the reader knows what has really happened.
It’s a misunderstanding based on the incommunicability of the two characters, each following their intention.

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