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Hard Times is set in Coketown, an imaginary industrial town. In this town there are houses built with red and black bricks, but not lively red because is blackened by the smokes comes from factories. There are also a canal and a river with dirty and smelly water, because It contains the wastes of factories. Coketown is full of noises coming out from the pistons of the machines. The buildings are all alike, except for the New church and the signs are all in black and white. Dickens uses sounds, colors and smells to describe this town.
The main features of this town are dullness, pollution, monotony and the lost of identity of the workers. They are alienated because They live in a town where the streets and the buildings are alike, where people does the same work at the same and where all days are alike. People can’t express their feelings, imagination or creativity. They lose their identity and become impersonal gears of their machines.
People’s frustration is also conveyed through the repetition of keyword or phrases. Dickens uses three similes to describe this town: the red and black buildings look like the painted face of a savage, the smoke coming out of the factories is like a snakes and the steam engine of the machines moved up and down like the head of a mad elephant. These three similes turn the town into an urban jungle and give the idea of a place where is difficult to live.


Oliver Twist is Dickens’first novel. Oliver is a pale short child, he is nine years old, but he has a strong willpower. He lives in a workhouse an institution where live poor people, people without work, orphans and abandoned children. They are ill treated and they suffers from hunger because the Victorians believe that unemployment is the result of laziness therefore they make the life terrible in the workhouse.
Oliver is in the dining room with other, They gaze at the large pot with hungry eyes. After that a boy had threatened to eat the boy sleeping next to him, the children decided to ask for more food. Oliver gets up and goes to the master to ask for more food. The master gets pale and brings Oliver to the superior to explain what He had done.

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