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Charles Dickens


Charles Dickens was born in a village on the southeast coast of England. His father and mother were constantly in debt. Dickens was forced to go out to work at an early age, when his father was imprisoned for debt. During this period of his life he knew the humiliations of poverty and led a lonely neglected existence.
When his father was released from prison, Dickens received three years of schooling under an ignorant tyrannical master. At the age of sixteen, he obtained a position in a solicitor’s office. There he began to acquire some knowledge of the English legal system, which he then used in some of his novels. He was employed as a law clerk, and later on became known as the best political newspaper reporter in London.

He began writing little stories for various periodicals.
Charles Dickens can be considered the most popular novelist of the Victorian age and of the history of english literature. The critical attitude towards his society is an important feature of his novels, in which he represents the evils of the Victorian Age: the poverty and the social stratification of people, the life of workers and of the lower classes, the problem of the workhouses.
His novels are full of sentimentalism and of situations very exaggerated, that can be cause the tears of the reader. Moreover, they are written in instalment, then the style is simple and the structure is linear and every instalment creates suspense so that the public want to buy the next issue.
As regard the characters, they are lively, exuberant, full of humour and pathos and tend to be stereotypes and caricatures.
Dickens was able to give a strong impulse to the narrative and capture the public's imagination with fascinating plots. In additions, through his works, he made clear the society's problems of nineteenth-century, helping to shake the consciences. In fact, his aim was to communicate messages to make society better.

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