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The development of English Language

English is the second most spoken language in the world. It is a Germanic language from the Indo-European family. The three languages that contribute to create the modern English are Latin, Anglo-Saxon and French mixing together.
The first alphabet used in Britain was the runic alphabet of the Scandinavian language. Later was introduced the Latin alphabet by the Christian missionaries.
- Latin words: street, cheese, wine, candle, angel, bishop, martyr, kettle, kitchen…
- Celtic words: name of places and rivers, for example Avon (in Celtic language it means “river”), Kent, Devon…
- Scandinavian words: sky, husband, leg, window, ugly, cake, give…
- French: the English underclass cooked for the Norman upper-class so some name of food is from the French language, for example beef, venison…
The words that have maintained the Germanic form of making plurals are: child --> children, man --> men, foot --> feet, ox --> oxen… The other words exchanged EN in S (housen--> houses) and the TH of the 3rd person in S.
The middle English born in the 14th century when London dialects emerged as standard language.
The modern English born around the 16th century and is still changing.
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