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The Red Badge of Courage - Stephen Crane

The Red Badge of Courage is a war novel written in 1895 by Stephen Crane.
The Hemingway described it as the best book on the war.
The novel is characterized by a great realism and a deep psychological study that describes the intimate impulses in the transition from adolescence to maturity of a young northerner.
This critical step is carried out in just three days of battle and, in particular, the transition to adulthood is through heroism.
Heroism is explained as a means of redemption and it makes the protagonist aware that everyone can, in its own way, to be an example for others.
The protagonist is a "guy" running through all the gear of battle and is riven by all his teeth. The anger, madness, fear, excitement, the glory, the answers that you are looking for some time. It is a Bildungsroman par excellence.
In addition, the novel is characterized by a detailed description of the soldiers' psychology: the author describes their feelings, their inner contradictions, fear the judgment of others, cowardice, heroism, and more, with a realism that could be defined "Tolstoy".
The novel also contains a very modern implicit reflection: the war itself is actually a big mistake; war is just a loud crash, a scaled noise with the universe, including two moments of his eternal peace.
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