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Heart of Darkness - Conrad

Heart of Darkness was written in 1899 by Joseph Conrad.

The author combines the realistic size of an autobiographical testimony and social commentary to a dark metaphysical meditation.
Conrad wrote a novel that has an aura dark, mysterious, magical and gloomy whose main theme is the critique of colonialism.
In fact, the purpose of the novel is to expose and demystify the unrestrained and unstoppable Western colonialism, which is led by the omnipresent god of money.

By Captain Marlow voice that is the most effective agent research in finding large quantities of ivory, Conrad takes us into the heart of Black Africa to denounce the terrible reality of Leopold II of the Belgian Congo exploitation.
From the particular case, the novel becomes a critical and social commentary to colonialist desire of the West, driven by greed. This narrative purpose is also perpetrated by the presence of some characters, such as Mr. Kurtz is the personification of greed and desire for power and dominance

The most reprehensible of Western colonialism is that this is hiding behind the hypocritical belief to bring civilization to Africa, but the reality is quite different.
Europe does not bring civilization to Africa but only exploitation, cruelty and stupidity. All the characters contribute to this exploitation and are guilty.
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