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The Lost World was written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1912. This book describes the adventure of a group of people in the Amazon rain forest.
The story begins when the journalist Edward D. Malone (the narrator) proposes to Gladys Hungerton, but she refuse to marry him because he is not a hero. Some times later Edward met Professor Challenger, a famous zoologist who claims that in the middle of Amazon forest there is a land inhabited by dinosaurs and giant reptiles.
When he proposes an expedition to check his theories, Edward decides to join the expedition to impress Gladys. He leaves with two scientists, Professor Challenger and Professor Summerlee, and a hunter, Lord John Roxton.
After days of travel by boat, the group arrives in Macanos, the place where their search for the Lost World starts. After many adventures, the explorers reach their destination, Mapple White Land, the characters find evidences of the existence of dinosaurs: they find a huge dinosaur footprint and they see pterodactyls.
One night the journalist decides to explore the nearly lake, because he is too excited to sleep, but when he comes back to the camp his friends have disappeared.
In the morning, he is woken by Sir John, who explains that the scientists have been taken prisoners by a group of apemen and that they were going to throw Summerlee off a climb. Mr. Malone frees his companions by shooting the apemen.
After helping a group of Indians to fight the apemen, the explorers decide to return to England. They bring a baby pterodactyl with them to prove the existence of dinosaurs. Finally, after selling a few blue stones found by Sir John in the Highlands, all the explorers become very rich.
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