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• The preface of Lyrical Ballad
In the preface of Lyrical Ballad, written by Wordsworth (1798), is consider the role of poet and poetry during the 18 century and was defined the subject. The language was different, no artificiality and complex like the classics, but based on spontaneity and simplicity.
The creative procession was characterized by the recollection of the past emotion in tranquility.
The poet in a state of astonishment can recapture a vision of a past natural landscape and the emotion that was generated with that landscape feeling it with the same intensity. So the poet feels joy therefore he can restart to write.

 The sonnet Ccomposed upon Westminster Bridge
The sonnet was imported from Italy, by poets of 16 century (Spencer, Shakespeare). The sonnet is made up 14 lines and give to poet the possibility to express his personal feelings and emotion.
• There was a natural setting. Nature was presented in her beauty, in the urban context during the month of September, when air was purest and uncontaminated.
• The time of the day was special: it’s smokeless because was early in the morning.
 A sense of purity
These was one of the few poem of Wordsworth where he wrote immediately, for the rest there are the emotion recollected in tranquility. London was personified like a beautiful woman.

 Daffodils
The poet was walking along a margin of a lake. He was in a mood of lonely, which was suddenly broken by the view of daffodils along the margin of the lake, under the trees.
he poet associated them with the stars, the weaves. All the elements, the flowers, the stars, the waves participate in the joy of nature and communicate a deep state of pleasure. He tell “a poet” because these one is not his feeling.
The poet describes a state of vacant and pensive, but also isolation. The first three stanza refers to the past, in the four there is a shift to the present. The lonely in the last stanza refers to the present, when he recapture the past emotion end overcome it by a new feel of joy. The result of this experience is the production of the poem.
In the first stanza, the daffodils are introduced like a golden host. He attribute to daffodils characteristics of human been, the personification.
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