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In 1838, during the Victorian Age, a group of working-class men drew up a People’s Charter. They demanded equal electoral districts, universal male suffrage, the reintroduction of the secret ballot, paid MPs, annually elected Parliaments and abolition of the property qualifications for membership. But no one in power was ready for such democracy that's why this Chartist movement failed. In fact, because of the queen's sense of duty, che was considered made the ideal head of a constitutional monarchy. Their influence was later felt when the Second Reform Act enfranchised part of the urban male working class in England and Wales for the first time and then the secret ballot was introduced with the Ballot Act. this act was introduced thanks to the prime Minister William Gladstone. Gladstone was elected Prime Minister four times. he is considered really important because thanks to the Third Reform Act of 1884 he extended voting to all male householders, including miners, mill-workers and farm labourers. This extension of the franchise gave public opinion an important role as a political force. During that period , reforming legislation were focused on education. In fact elementary schools were organised by the Church. Also workhouses were run by the Church because Religion was considered a strong force, in fact listening to sermons was a popular pastime. So Religion played an important role in people’s lives;
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