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Oliver Twist - Brani scelti

Oliver's ninth birthday

This extract is taken by Oliver twist written by Charles Dickens.
This text is set in the housework where oliver was victim of treachery and deception.The situation is reported by the workhouses authorities to the parish autorities who hadto find a solution but the parish autorities didn’t.The parish autorities decided to take oliver under the control of a elderly female who for this service takes sevenpence-half penny and she uses these a part to feed him and the other part is for herself.Then Dickens speacks about a famous experimentof a philosopher who had a great theory about a horse being able to lve without eating if he had not died he would have rendered him a very spirited and rapacious animal.So is though to use the same sistem for oliver giving him the weakest possible food.then he says that sometimes the parish autorities came into the workhouses to see if everythink was okay but before going they advised the workhouses authorities so that for the arrive fv the parish authrities children were neat and clean.
At the end there is the description of oliver’s aspect:hi is a pale thin child and small in circumference. Dicken’s aim is to show and denounce the condition of poor people(especially the condition of the workhouses)and he wants to denounce the evils of education especially about corporal punishment.He denounce the problem of poverty but he doesn’t give any solution to this problem

Oliver: I want some more, riassunto

This text istaken from the second chapter og oliver Twist by Charled Dickens and is about a poor orphan who is brooght up in a work house.after a series of misadventures at the end we discover the the child has got noble origin.
In this episode there is a fat boy who is very hungry so much so that he says he would eat the thin boy who is near him.
So the decide to extract the name of the child who must ask for some more sup and t fell to Oliver, the protagnist.
So that evening after everyone have finished to eat oliver goes to the master asking for somemore soup.The master becomes pale of anger and takes the child to mr Lumbkins who was sitting in solemn conclave and he decides that the child must be hunged and Oliver is ordered into istant confinment.
The day after is posted on the outside of the gate a poster offering a reward of five pounds to any man or woman who wants an apprentice.

In these text Dickens description are detailed and the functions are:
To create a realistic contest
To arose some pity in the reader
To make him side with the poor children

Dicken uses some exaggeration of the distinguishing features of the characters he wants to poke fun acts.

Features of children world: fear,hunger,misery,reckless,small rebel,bold,miserable,scared
Features of adult world:wonder,exxageration,fat healthy man in contrast with the small children,violent,cruel.
He describes the poor condition of childre but he doesn’t want to call forn any precise political action,any remedy