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Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, a poem by George Gordon Byron

The poem is divided in four independent parts called "cantos".
The unity is given by the protagonist Harold, a young nobleman who travels around the world.
Harold's disillusione with life lead him to England and this give the author the opportunities to introduce picturesque and exotic settings.
The first and the second "cantos" are setting in Spain, Portugal, Albania and Greece.
They evoke the glorious part and the famous movements and landscape of these particular countries.
In the third "cantos" the author dealt with the possibilities opened up by the human capacity to forget.
The autor, Byron, experiments with his own ability in order to distract the protagonist from memory. Harold became completely absorbed by imaginative creativity, and also by the attraction from the natural world; both provide him a new vitality.
Structurally the "cantos" follows Byron's journey.
The fourth "cantos", that is set in Italy, contains a serious of several descriptions of nature, especially of the sea.
The nature reflects the mood and the feelings of the author.
This is why Byron describes the wild and all the cruel aspect of the nature which best suits the solitary and the melancholy temperament of the hero of his poem.
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