The story begins with the arrival of a noble man and his friends in the family town of Bennet girls. The mother of these young ladies is determined to find her husband in all his daughters and has been the idea of ​​making married with a wealthy Mr. Bingley. between the various dances, organized in society deepens knowledge between Mr. Bingley and the first sisters, Jane. but to the same dances, the arrogant Mr. Darcy, Bingley's friend and wealthy twice his size, he met with the second of the Bennet daughters, Elizabeth.Le two youngest Bennet, Lydia and Chaterine, are constantly focused, instead, to cadets of the regiments of marina.La great concern of Mrs. Bennet to see the daughters married, is also due to the fact that the family property is linked with an inalienable bond with his cousin, Mr. Collins. The latter makes a marriage proposal to Elizabeth.credendo only in love marriages, she decisively rejects the proposal.
This does not create problems for Mr. Collins that eventually marries a neighbor and friend of Eliza, Charlotte. The other sisters in the meantime are fascinated by the arrival in the regiment of Mr. Wickham. the latter, told Elizabeth how his life was made difficult by the decision of Mr. Darcy of refusing him an ecclesiastical benefice, left to him by his father in testamento.Quando knowledge between Mr. Bingley and Jane gets to the point of increasing the ' expectation of a marriage, he hastily left the country for London. Jane suffering, invited by his uncles, from London, decided to go to alleviate the pains of love, while Elizabeth is hosted by his friend Charlotte in Kent. To the great chagrin, Eliza discovers that Mr. Darcy is located in Kent and is a guest of her aunt Lady Catherine de Bourge, protector and neighbor of Collins. But this allows Elizabeth to find that Mr. Darcy had played an important role in the hasty departure of Mr. Bingley, and then in the subsequent separation from Jane. Still angry, Elizabeth, in his biggest surprise, receives a proposal of marriage from Mr. Darcy. but again for Elizabeth decidedly rejects the proposal and end up accusing him of Jane's pain and of Mr. Wickham. The next day Mr Darcy sends a letter to Elizabeth, where clarifies the situation of which he had been accused by the girl the day before. The letter you become aware of how Wickham had refused ecclesiastical benefit, in exchange for money he had spent on games. Soon after Jane and Elizabeth come home. Meanwhile Lydia receives an invitation to go to Brighton, hosted by the wife of an officer. Lydia, counting on the consent of the mother, part. Soon after, he left for a tour of England Elizabeth also host of uncles. The route takes them even Pemberly, in Mr. Darcy properties. The surprise is great when Darcy unexpectedly arrives before meeting her. Elizabeth is embarrassed, but the way in which Mr. Darcy arises, begins to change her mind against him. In the evening an urgent message arrives at Eliza where you communicate the escape of her sister Lydia from Brighton with Mr. Wickham. Darcy is also aware of the event and starts the search for the two young men, and when found, pay all debts of the boy and forces them to get married. Immediately after the conclusion of the story, Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy come back into town. The story ends happily with Jane and Mr. Bingley married and also with the marriage between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth.

Elisabeth, is the basic model of how it should be the woman for Jane Austen. While not beautiful, successful, thanks to his intelligence, to marry the most important man and scope, Mr.Darcy, although social barriers put them at odds, at least initially. On one side is the pride of Darcy who suffers a terrible blow when he realizes to be in love with a lower-class woman; the other is the prejudice of Elisabeth to the man who at first had considered just passable.

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