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A certain colouring of immagination

This test is taken from the preface to the second edition of Lyrical Ballads, regarded as the Manifesto of English Romanticism.
Wordsworth express a new concept of poetry which emphasized the importance of nature, common life, simple language, and the importance of emotions and imagination.

- the simple life is the subject of the poetry like before, but now the imagination change the narration.
- the romantic poets attack the poets that use an elaborate language because it is not clear; the elaborate language is not able to tell the feelings and the emotions.
- the poet is a men who speak to other men, and who have a different way of feel and a more sensible soul. The poet considers himself superior because he sees the event with an other spirit: e sees the reality and change it in something different; he use the language to create something not visible.
- the poet lives a sensory experience, then in tranquillity he recollect the emotion and write the poem.For Wordsworth the poetry is a “spontaneous overflow of feelings”.


The nature is the most important theme of Wordsworth’s poetry and has different meanings:
- is the opposite of the country;
- is a source of feelings.


- The poet use the imagination to transform the experience.


- have a different way of feel;
- sees the reality and change it trough the imagination;
- has the ability to evoke the passions in himself.