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The plot of doctor Faustus
Doctor Faustus is a respected German scholar dissatisfied with the limits of traditional forms of knowledge--logic, medicine, low and religion—So he decides to learn to practice magic , turning his attention to the dark arts. He meets Mephistopheles, a devil, and despite his warning about the horrors of hell, he asks him others 24 years of life and liberty.
The request is granted and Faustus becomes a true magician; still, at the end, in the final night at the completion of 24 years he is overcome by fear and remorse, but it is too late since, a host of devils appears and carries his soul off to hell.

The Character: Faustus
Marlowe’s Faustus is for many aspects a particular and complex character. He is a greedy an egocentric man but, at the same time he is charismatic and intelligent. He is inevitably a representative of the new spirit of freedom and human potential that spreads in the renaissance, communicating the sense that man could decide his own destiny as Faustus chose is own fate.
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