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The figure of Faustus

Faustus is a very famous mythological character which is very often used in plays and novels (for example his figure was used by Marlowe and Goethe).
He’s a scholar with an enormous knowledge, but he wants infinite power and knowledge in order to have the love of the girl he loves, who is the most beautiful woman in the world and to do this he signs with blood a pact with the Devil, selling his soul and having in return whatever he wants; but then he wants to have his soul back, but he can’t and he’s convict to the eternal damnation in Hell.
Frankenstein is himself a sort of Faustus, because he’s the typical over-reacher (a romantic term which means someone who wants to reach over, go beyond the limitations of human nature and wants to go over the best scientists). His mates tell him their job is to preserve life and not to create it, in fact it’s illegal and immoral. But for the romantics he’s a very positive character because he wants to go over improving the destiny of mankind. But this theme of the over-reacher is double important in the novel, because Frankenstein is not the only one to behave this way: the other figure is captain Walton, who isn’t satisfied with the normal sailing, he wants to find the secret passage to the North Pole and to do this he risks his life and his crew’s one : exactely in correlation with Victor Frankenstein

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