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The Characters
The characters are two meaning in English, one is a “personality” of a person and other is a normal characters. The characters are very important in the plot and in the story that studies their passage from youth to maturity. The heroes of the story must be industries, independent and responsible in the eighteen century and have to be part of a rich.
In the middle classes there aren’t more important a social position because an ambitious young man and women can become important people. A man has a lot of opportunity and women can marry gentlemen.

Characters in conflict
In the Victorian age the social position imposed a very several type of attitude. So, in particular the women in the story, had a big conflict between their true personality and the social rules, often their questions finished on tragic mode.

The disintegration of Characters

In this type of story is explorer an interior world of the mind of the characters with a lot of feelings, impulses and thoughts. This movement is call modernism. In the plot a people are distinguished for their interior world. An example of a modernism writer is Virginia Woolf or Leopard Bloom. The personage thought is similar to a stream of consciousness. The technical used in these is to “read” the interior monologue and the consciousness of the characters.
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