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The American Revolution
The American Revolution was a conseguence of English poltic used against American colonies. Infact colonies couldn't have industries; they couldn't have ships for commerce; they can trade only with England and they must paid a lot of taxes. Thet didn't have any right and they were used only to enrich England. The cause of this war, was a tax imposed on tea which colons didn't accept it.
So, some natives disguised by English, want to the Boston port and they dropped the English tea in the see. This episod was called "Bostn tea party". The first battle was at Lexington. Colons didn't have weapons, but they knew territory very well so they cold find food and water aesily and they also have french
military help. On 4 July 1776 the delegates of thirteen colonies sisned the derclaration of indipendence written by Thomas Jefferson.
Then the thertten colonies thanks to George Washington organised an army and they overwhelmed England at Yorktown. So in 1783 England and American colonies signed the peace of Versailles where the thirteen colonies became United States of America and the first president was
George Washington
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