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Jonathan Swift

He was born in Dublin in 1667; in 1668 he was appointed secretary to William Temple, an English statesman and do he was acquainted with aristocratic classes. When sir William died, Swift formed the Scriblerus Club, an association of witty writers who satirised their contemporaries. In 1720 he responded to oppressive legislation of Ireland with the 'proposal for the universal use of irish manufacture' inviting the Irish to boycott English goods.
He died in Ireland in 1745.

Gull'iver's travels

Is a satire on courts, parties and statesman divided in four books in which is described the adventures of the surgeon Lemuel Gulliver. In 'book 1' he is shipwrecked on Lilliput, a miniature kingdom inhabited by tiny people tall only six inches. In this book the author ridicules the British monarchy and the war between England and France. In 'book 2' he arrive to Brobdingnag, a country of giants. In 'book 3' Gulliver is in Laputa, a huge usland that floats in the sky. In 'book 4' he meets the Houyhnhnms, noble horses who follow reason and the Yahoos, the hairy human beings.

A modest proposal

Is a satirical essay written in 1729 in which the tone is boastful and full of sarcasm and the language is pompous. It is the representation of the writer's indignation against the hypocrisy of Irish politicians and of his attack against the British for their injustices to the Irish.
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