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Stuart Period - James I

When Elizabeth died, ascended the Throne James I, or James VI of Scotland, the son of Mary Stuart and Lord Darnley. With him started the Stuart period. James I instead of his Tudor predecessor, Henry VII, Henry VIII and Elizabeth, thought that the king ruled by divine right and he called Parliament only for economic situation. James I, in religious matters, disappointed both the Puritans, an extreme wing of the Protestants and the Catholics. But he decided to uphold the Anglican religion, for this reason a group of Catholics, the Gurpowder Plot, who wanted to blow up the king and Parliament. So the anti catholic laws became severer and severer and in 1620 a group of strict Puritans, the Pilgrim Fathers leaved on board the Mayflower and landed in North America where they found New Plymouth. In this period there were the most important settlements colonial, it was therefore during James I’s reign that Britain’s colonial empire was actually started.

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