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The Stuart dynasty:James l /Charles I (absolute kings)
James I (1603-1625)
Ruled with absolute powers.He believed in the divine right of Kings,according to which a King received authority from God.
this conviction was common to other European kings of his time.He also believed in the subjection of Parliament to the king's will ( the powers of Parliament were a concession of the King).

This brought about diffiult relations between the monarch and Parliament. During his reign there was Catholic and Puritan dissent.
the king insisted on strict conformity to the rites of the Anglican Church.

Charkes I (1625-1649)
He's an absolutist monarch-followed a policy of disregard of Parliament. He dissolved Parliament several times when disagreements with it began. However, he was compelled to call Parliament again in 1628 because he needed money to face the wars against France and Spain. Parliament produced the Petiton of Right (1628),which denied the king the right to raise taxes without the approval of Parliament or to imprison a freeman without a trial. Charles I,however,did not accept the Petition of Right and dissolved Parliament in 1629, and he ruled the country alone until 1640,wen he had to call it again,to finance a campaign against the Scots(there was a rebellion in Scotland). Short Parliament as it lasted only 3 weeks and was then dissolved by the King.