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Romeo and Juliet

The play begins in Verona, city in which the peace has been shattered by the feud between two prominent families: the house of Montague and the house of Capulet. The drama represents the tormented love story between Romeo and Juliet who belong respectively to the two rival families. The lovers, married secretly, still aren’t able to appear together for the hate of the families and so, they try to look for a solution that, still it will be a bankruptcy, since at the end for an error, an equivocation they will get killed with a poison.
The story of Romeo and Juliet represents the first romantic tragedy of Shakespeare and it has become the archetype of adolescent love: the absolute passion, the true and pure love characterized by a difficult path. Moreover in the play it is described the matter of love in his multifaceted meanings, according to other characters such as : Juliet’s father, Juliet’s nurse or Count Paris. Other important aspect well-evident, are that Shakespeare gives however his characters free will to decide their own fate (that makes Romeo and Juliet a “modern” tragedy) and, with the Romeo’s death he wants to question the power of appearance and illusion.

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