Robin Hood

This is a ballad of love(because Robin Hood is the result of two people love) and a ballad of outlaws.
Historical context: Robin Hood gave origin to many different legend that have in common the specific context; the 13th century during the period of Middle Ages. Is one of the continuous struggle between the barons fought for the throne to gave more power.
One of the figures in Robin Hood is the Sheriff of Nottingham, a supporter of royal polity when John Lakeland imposed many taxes.
This is why many people went to leave in Sherwood forest and organized a revolt against the Sheriff of Nottingham. Robin Hood wanted to take revenge because the Sheriff of Nottingham has killed his mother and his father, accused him blasphemy, he has fired his castle and he has taken is land .
Robin Hood: Robin is the son of Richard’s daughter and one of the king’s servant Willie and is a defender of the poor who lived in the Sherwood forest.

He isn’t a violent man. He stole money from the rich and give it to the poor.
Setting: he was born in the wood during a summer night;
Willie, the king servant, met king’s daughter in the wood, they fell in love and from their love a baby was born.
The king realized that his daughter were not at home, he send out his man to look for her and they found her in the wood with the little baby.
The king immediately began to love the child, even if he was very angry; he called him Robin Hood.
This ballad has also Scottish origin; this is a Scottish ballad.
England and Scotland in the 13th century was two separate reigns until the 17th century. They had different cultures.
Scotland was occupated by the Celts; in the film the Sheriff of Nottingham, as suggested by the witch, called the Celts to fight against Robin Hood.
Rhymes scheme : is not regular, the ballad is composed by four line stanzas, the first and the third are longer than the other.
Figures of speech of the sound: alliteration(repetition of the same initial letter), repetition of words; there is no refrain.
Speakers in the ballad: Richard, Willie and Richard’s daughter
Figures of speech: fairs and witch
What does Willie look like? A large, robust and very strong man.
Robin Hood(in the film): he is not the grandson of a king, but he has very noble origin during the reign of John Lockland in the 13th century.
The film starts in Jerusalem, where Robin had been taken prisoners in a Turkish prison.
In this there are torches and hand, torture, a hand on a block of wood, a lifted sword, a swift gesture and an inhuman cry.
Robin can escape and Mage Marian's brother deliver to Robin a ring to give his sister.
Robin goes home with Azeem, a man who was prisoner in Turkish prison who want to help him because Robin has saved his life.
The setting :England. There are many sides regarded the countryside: nature is not passive. Fresh and green vegetation symbolize purity and uncontamination.
There is a contrast between the countryside and the castle.
The presentation of the castle is realistic: the interior is very dark(only the torches laminated the interior), the exterior is very light.
Sherwood forest: there are many families that live out of the low as a form of protest against the Sheriff of Nottingham.

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