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The happy break of the Golden Age in Shakespeare's England

After the agitation of the middle Tudor period, followed the Golden Age of England, characterized by a general progress in all fields and an atmosphere that was no longer negative, difficult or tense but simply quiet and positive.

The nation was united under the same flag and people worked together to make the nation grow.

The monarchy was stable, because if somebody tried to compromise the queen's supremacy they were promptly executed, even if they were a member of one of the most important royal families of that time. A strong feeling of national identity spread around among the citizens of the country.

Thanks to the introduction of printing, books had lower prices and this helped people to open their mind, and in Shakespeare's day the Renaissance had reached the people, so nearly everyone could read the classics and the most important book of all, the Bible.

The economy developed, new products were produced, new materials were imported from other lands and also new products such as potatoes, tomatoes, sugar and tobacco.
Men were craftsmen happy and satisfied with their job and in love with their life; they tested themselves and showed everyone what the could do for the others, the entire society.

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