[] Jonh Milton and The Paradise Lost

He came into close contact with with Puritan groups in Cambridge, he studied music and mathematics and read Greek and Latin classics.
From 1637 to 1639 he worked abroad, mainly in Italy where he met Galilei in Florence.
In 1642-43 he became a political period as a Parliament supporter and he was appointed Latin Secretary to Cromwell's Commonwealth. He also wrote several pamphlets in which he expressed his political ideas.
He kept on writing even if he was blind.He was victim of censorship, in fact his books were condemned to be burnt and was also sent to prison. He fought against tyranny and in defense of freedom.
His last period is dedicated to his long poem "The Paradise Lost". It is a Biblical story written as the epic genre. It opens with a precise theme "Of man's first Disobedience" and deals with the fallen of men and the loss of paradise, a sort of cosmic battle between good and hell.
It's based on the traditional Christian cosmology, where the Earth and man are the center of universe, not the sun.
It tells about the Biblical story of Adam and Eve and the fallen of Lucifer from heaven in order to corrupt humankind.
This epic poem is divided into 112 book, written with a difficult vocabulary in blank verses. This choice of blank verses was revolutionary, because it was typical of drama not for poetry. Besides Milton created a powerful portrait of Lucifer who remembers the Shakespeare's hero-villain Iago.
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