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Iohn Donne - A Valediction forbidding mourning

A Valediction forbidding mourning have other important themes and includes philosophical aspects: first we must say that the poem was written on the occasion of a farewell and it’s precisely the theme of farewell that we can find in the poem. Firstly he says that good men aren't afraid to die and whisper to their souls to go while others are anxiously waiting for the last breath and that he and his beloved have to accept the separation without crying storms of tears: in fact there will be a profanation of their intimacy to tell ordinary people their love: there is also in this two stanzas the comparison between human elements and love.
After that, he says that nature, with its earthquakes that bring fear to men, is innocent because it has to reestablish the natural balance and that the love of sublunary men, whose soul is sense and essence, does not admit the absence because eliminates the elements that characterize man, that is indivisible and must fully live. After that Donne says that the two souls of him and of his beloved cannot endure a separation but an expansion of the souls: in fact Donne compares the expansion of the souls to the gold that is beaten as an imperceptible line. Finally in the last three stanzas there is the most beautiful simile of the poem because the poet compares his lover to a compass where there are the two feet that are moving of which the woman is the fixed point, that moves if the other foot moves. The man forms a perfect circle and the perfect circle described by the compass with the help of the other foot, shows how life has a beginning and an end.
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