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John Donne - Life

The most important metaphysical poet was John Donne an intellectual who knew how to give his works strongly to some particular features and even to reveal the perfect combination between nature and the moral theme. Donne was born in London in 1572 by a catholic family when the practice of this kind of religion was illegal; he lost his father when was four years old and after having studied at the Thavies Inn legal school he decided to merry Anne More, the daughter of Thomas More. A lot of his production is dedicated to his beloved and after having doubted of the Catholic faith he decided to become puritan and. In the last part of his life he approached to the Anglican faith and finally he was elected as Member of Parliament. He died on 31 March 1631 for a stomach cancer. The most important features of the style of Donne are visible in the two passages that we analyzed from the poem The Flea and in A Valediction: forbidding mourning.

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