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The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe tells the story of an English boy (Robinson Crusoe to be precise) who was born in 1632 in the city of York, as a young man starts to imagine being able to one day travel the world, because eager to experience great adventures; planned to run away from home, it must almost a year before his idea to implement it; He is on 1 September 1651 when he decided to embark on a ship to London, after one day, while he was in Hull, had accidentally met a friend who was about to embark for London and asked him to go with him.
While undergoing a first wreck did not lose heart and takes the sea route but is captured by pirate Salo and is held prisoner by them for several years.
Finally managed to escape with a fellow-sufferer, he is rescued by a Portuguese captain who leads him in Brazil. The ship that travels encounters but a storm and sank off the coast of Venezuela.
After the first loss Robinson is organized immediately to survive. Reaches swam his ship that had been in mid emerging from the sea and got into it, find food, weapons, tools, ammunition and some useful tools.
raft can lead to land whatever it thinks necessary and begins to build a shelter, according to the criteria that the reason dictates, near a spring, ready to offense and defense and in sight of the sea, should they appear on the horizon salvation.
The Bible, which he had found on the ship, will bring the comfort and Robinson reads a passage in the morning and one at night. He has as a companion parrot which teaches pronounce his name, finds a way to smoke, manages to get the bread with barley, sewing clothes with animal skins and is also built an umbrella for shade.
They spend so twenty-three years and one day get to the island of cannibals against whom Robinson fights managing to save the young native, their prey, and shall name him Friday and that will become his companion.
One day, he finally sees a ship heading to shore. It is a ship of mutineers who makes ends their captain with two men loyal to him. Robinson will arrive in England on June 11, 1687 after an absence of thirty-five, discovering he has become rich thanks to his plantation in Brazil.

Robinson shipwrecked on a desert island
Robinson Crusoe, reaches the shore by a miracle after a terrible shipwreck. His mood is very experienced but his first reaction is to express his joy of life, but later replaced him in a dramatic feeling because you feel alone and afraid of the difficulties of living in a hostile environment.
Robinson says that after the wreck that killed all his comrades, is found only on an island ocean, but the first thing he did when he was safely on the beach was to thank God for saving his life, in fact, he ran back and forth like crazy along the beach to the delight. After consulate of the best part of the situation, he began to look around and realized that his salvation was tremendous: he was soaking wet, had no clothes to change and nothing to eat or drink for refreshment; its prospects were bad in fact he thought he would die of hunger and become food for the wild beasts. The only idea that came to mind was to climb a tree to spend the night safe. First he tried, he found and drank water then put in the mouth of the tobacco not starve, tied a rope to his life not to fall and fell asleep, blissfully because he was very tired. When he awoke he saw that the storm had subsided and he saw to his surprise the ship near the beach. So he built a raft and retrieved, all he could recover from the ship before it was completely sunk, to organize a life in that island deserted. So Robinson began to look for a place to live there, where he could find water, sheltered from sun and rain and fierce animals or intruders and with a view of the sea to see if ships arrived to save him. Robinson sought and found a suitable place and began to pitch a tent. In time all fenced modifying his home several times and eventually took all his food, ammunition and various stocks to better enjoy its possibilities. When it started raining he was afraid of lightning because he thought that the gunpowder would have caught fire, but luckily did not happen, so, after the end of the storm kept it in packages and separated, to avoid the risk of being blown up . It 'hard to live alone on a desert island Robinson, but he consoles himself with his lot, concluding he is happy to be alive and thank God deeply. Robinson waiver scan the sea, because it is resigned to the idea of ​​being alone . In fact, his perfection of life making it as smooth as possible. When he noticed the inexistence of wild animals on the island, he expanded its accommodation by building a warehouse and a second input port. Began after fabricate some necessaries, although he never took a thing in his life, but Robinson argued that the reason belongs to all men, makes them capable of any job, using logic, it is for why it can survive.

Text analysis
The vocabulary is quite clear, on the whole there are neither terms nor difficult words, and is very diverse.
The language can be defined literary typical of adventure stories that speak of shipwrecks.
The register is low, because the story is told in an informal manner.
The syntactic structure of the periods is very complex, a structure prevails hypotactic.
There are several overlapping planes of time, in fact verbs tend to stay in the past because the story was written as narrated in the first person, then the conditional prevails and the future because Robinson tries to organize itself in order to live in the best way possible for try to overcome the difficulties. Exactly why the verbs have a certain chronological sphere.
The narrative is conducted in a plain and persuasive; the writer seems to describe more than tell: the reality of the moods, sensations is faced with the detail of a record than with the lure of the imagination, and in this consists the strength of the realistic novel and its charm.
The narrative is conducted narrator thus assuming a realistic value.

Figures of speech
In music there are few figures of speech, those that make us understand the feelings, concerns, in short the moods of the protagonist. The first figure of speech we find is when he compares the shipwreck to a death sentence and his salvation at the time when the sentenced to death are given the news that will save his life. In the song a particular metaphor is that when he speaks of the time that is measured in days for the protagonist, but its reality instead years are, in fact we know that it will remain on the desert island for twenty-eight years.

The story is very compelling, because it speaks of a castaway, who manages to live alone on a desert island, adottandosi as best it can, in fact, the charm of this novel is the symbolic of this man which reflects the civilization of the modern world . In today's society many characters of this myth are gone, but in its existence, every person who believes in the initiative and personal points to success, maintaining a faith in themselves and in their ability remains fascinated by the adventure of daily life.
The time of the narrative is particularly dramatic when the protagonist realizes of being shipwrecked on a desert island and you feel upset and depressed, but more than this time because you feel lucky and is still full of joie de vivre to think so.
The description of the character is not here a poetic digression, but it is the detailed analysis of a place that must meet the criteria of functionality rather than beauty.
The psychological investigation is thorough on the protagonist in detail, in the first moment has no other relationships to the expression, in movements and ill-thumping, the reality of being alive. Then he takes over the loss and the dramatic feeling of being overwhelmed by fear, the loneliness of the difficulty of an environment hostile. But he has the upper hand rationality and reason, with which you will always find solutions to the difficulties.

Finally another man: Friday
Robinson fifteen years living alone in a desert island until the twenty-fifth year of his solitude does not save a native chased by cannibals, and they return the favor to him as a servant.
One day while going to see the boat noticed with amazement that there were footprints on the beach of the bare foot of a man, then looked around but saw and heard nothing. He was then assaulted by countless thoughts confused and agitated and on his way home he looked back every three steps to see if there was someone. One morning he was surprised to see a bunch of cannibals landed six canoes. He was worried but stood ready to act in case of attacks. The telescope began to spy on them and saw that they had made a fire and cooked the flesh of man, and maybe you danced around. Meanwhile he saw two poor wretches who had been put aside, one was started to cut up by cannibals, while the other was left alone. He, escaped and made his way to the home of Robinson, just like in his dream. Meanwhile, the fugitive was chased by some. To avoid being taken across the bay to swim, but it was still chased by two cannibals, so Robinson wanting at all costs a servant, he took his gun and went to the first and spread it out with a shot to not do it without firing to hear other, the second wanted to defend himself with his bow and arrows and Robinson was forced to shoot him. The fugitive was impressed, but Robinson called him and assured him, the fugitive then knelt repeatedly swore eternal submission. . Robinson saw that the first man was not dead, so the wild then ordered the sword and cut off his head with a single blow and returned it to him with a triumphant look gesturing to him strange. Robinson was happy to live together in the wild will remain his servant even when he returns home. He was a handsome young man of about twenty-six, with a very expressive face, sweet, smart, blacks and woolly hair, high forehead and large, light olive colored skin, small nose etc.
After sleeping for half an hour I went to look for the wild and made him realize that he had become her servant. Robinson was satisfied, then she called him Friday to remember that day, later explained and taught many things and was very easy to be obedient and to be called master.

Analysis and Comment
The first-person narrative is very realistic with a simple and essential language that makes it credible even when events are narrated adventurous and extravagant. After the first loss to be on the desert island, Robinson regained happiness when making a balance of good and evil of his fate, but all in all it is happy to be alive and thank God for that. The place chosen for his home He had to meet the four criteria of operation: close to a source of water out of the sun, from the rain or from danger and with a view of the sea to see if ships arrived to save him, according to the ideas that all men have to build houses, because we need to know that being alone was to try to look even shoulders. The fall of the lightning rather than scare does reflect that gunpowder was the only hope for salvation from the enemies and why at that time thought more about this than his own life, because if it would explode would die too him.
In the literature of that book the thing that impressed me most is the will to react to misfortune. In fact, his is a condition virtually no way out or resigned himself to die or react with the strength of the will to survive alone in the deserted island. Robinson decides to fight to survive, and we can even find several difficulties, but over time will be able to fit even if he remained alone for twenty-five years, including the last three in the company of a native, his servant.
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