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Man Friday

This text talks about the savage rescued by Robinson. His name is Friday. He is well described by Daniel Defoe from points of view both physical and psychological.
Physically Friday, that is a primitive man, is described like a gorgeous man. As a matter of fact, he is tall and well-shaped, with straight and strong limbs, good and European countenance, long and black hair, high and large forehand, ecc… Instead, from a psychological point of view he is described indirectly, starting from his behavior.
Through his actions, in fact, he subjugates himself to Robinson considering him better than himself and showing gratitude to the man that have saved him.
On the other hand, Robinson shows a sense of superiority towards Friday from the beginning. A proof of this is the name that he gave to the savage, that is Friday because of the day of the week in which he was rescued by Robinson. This is a way for Robinson for the self-congratulation. But at the same time Robinson is also charitable towards Friday saving him and teaching him the language. In summary we can say that Robinson behaves like a typical English colonizer.

From the stylistic point of view, Daniel Defoe uses a simple and descriptive language. There are a lot of adjectives that are useful for the descriptions. In my opinion, this text can be divided in 3 parts. In the first part, that goes from the line 1 to the line 12, there is the physical description of Friday. In the second part, that starts at the line 13 and finishes at the line 20, there is the indirectly description of the personality of Friday. Finally the third part, that starts at the end of line 20 and finishes at the end of the text, talks about the behavior of Robinson towards Friday.
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