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Geoffry Chaucer was born in London onn 1343 into a family of wine traders, in his life he took part in one operation of the Hunderd Years war in 1359. From the 1360 to 1387 he undertook royal mission in Europe and undergo to Kent, France and twice to Italy , just in Italy he made his acquaintance for the works of Dante, Petrarch Boccaccio. His writing is a really vocation, from 1387 to 13900 he worked on his masterpiece “the Canterbury tales” Other work of Chaucer were the romance present himself as a medieval author is a term reserved for writers who have particularly authoritative. Chaucer invented characters and events and felp to establish the difference between fiction and historical truth. Chaucher’s wors are characterized by a great variety of poetic forms and genres; short and conventional lyrics, long romances, examples, fables, confessions, legend and allegoric dram visions. Chaucer’s poetry reflects various sources , latin , French and Italian, and also used cultural references from Europe and description of the society. Chaucher’s poetry isn’t didactic, and he wrote only in English.

The Canterbury tales are the masterpiece of Chaucer. He began writing it around 1387 and at his death iin 1400 the work was uncompleted. The Canterbury tales was written at London , when society was strictly ordered, as king, nobles and Catholic church. However there’s an order dynamic class : the middle class the Caucher recreated in his plot. The Canterbury tales is a frame story , that includes other stories the frame is the story of twenty – nine pilgrims who gather at the tabard inn in Southwork, to prepare the journey to the holy shrine of South Thomas Beckett. After the introductions the narrator starts his description of each of the pilgrims , who all belong to three class people, nobility and common people, focusing on the details of their cloche and physical features and facial expressions. The characters are presented to a representative types, he describe them so vividly , and not s stereotypes, but also individual.
The stories are family tales who express of the story tellers.

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