Bronte’s father was a priest. Both parents ere of Celtic origin, so they told her fantastic stories and she had a belief in feeling and impulse over reason.

Jane Eyre can be considered an Autobiography, as says its subtitle, but not completely, because there are melodramatic elements like:
• the fire in which Rochester looses his sight and one hand.
• Rochester’s secret wife.
Jane Eyre is an heroine, she shows courage and determination which contrast with Victorian ideals of female delicacy, the angel of the house. Charlotte’s women aren’t slave to love but they are ready to sacrifice it for their ideals, honour and duty. In her poems woman leads the game. Her novels are a mix of realistic observation, fine humour (like Jane Austen) and intensity of feeling (more intense than Jane Austen). Jane Eyre, with Wuthering Heights is the archetypal romantic novel, Charlotte, as Jane Eyre, had loved a married man hopelessly, this is unconventional. Rochester is a Byronic hero, dark, intense, mysterious, impetuous, with a big secret. In this novel, there’s a romantic conception of the nature, because it is the setting for character’s feelings.

It’s an extract of the final part of “Jane Eyre” written by Charlotte Bronte in 1847, in a rich period, considering the Great Exhibition of London in 1851.
The title is very relevant to meaning because with this title the reader understand Jane will forgive Rochester, even she initially seems to not forgive him.
It is settled in the countryside, Jane goes to Ferdnean Manor, because Thornfield has been destroyed by fire.
The characters involved in the situation are Jane and Mr. Rochester. The dialogue seems a cross-examination because Rochester asking Jane a series of questions, to have information about St. John rivers, her cousin who proposed to her, so Jane understand that Rochester is jealous, he’s interested to her, and she plays with him, to awake his passions. Even if Rochester is invalid, he doesn’t seem desperate, because he asks her to marry him.
Charlotte Bronte uses a first person narrator to show deep psychology of Jane, her feelings, her point of view on the situation, so reader can identify with her.

So characters are round because we can know all their personality, their faults and weakness.
Syntax is very simple and there are romantic elements: passionate love, intensity of feeling, a symbolic use of nature.

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