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Emily Bronte was one of three sisters who lived with their father and brother Bradwall in the villafe of Haworth, a small community in the middle of the deserted Yorkshire moors in the North England.
Inspired by the wild, open countryside around them, their imagination stimulated by their isolation, all three sisters produced novels which combine romance and realism in a unique way.
The most dramatic of these novels is Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights which was published in 1847. At Haworth, the three girls and their brother were educated by their father, an intelligent and artistic man, and had a little opportunity to meet and mix with the children of their own age and class.
In compensation of this, they created complex world of fantasy which became as real for them as the ordinary world.
About this imaginary world, they wrote many literary stories that helped to develop their literary ability.
Wuthering Heights has two narrators: an external one (Lockwood) and an internal one (the servant Nelly who tells Lockwood the story of Cathy).

The main theme of Wuthering Heights is the impossible but necessary love story of Cathy and Heathcliff. They are two halves of the some souls, of the mythical androgyne. But this love story is limited by society: Cathy has to marry another man in order to find her place in the society and then help Heathcliff.

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