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Blake wrote “little lyrics” about nature, animals and children and showed a sensibility to suffering and injustice.
He was a painter but also a poet and he become one of the most original English poets because of the strange mystical nature of much of his verses.
He declared that since his childhood he had been visited by angels and other spirits and in his works he tried to interpret these visions in images rich in symbolism that is not easy to understand.

He also said that an archangel dected to him a work.
He believed in the power of imagination.
He wrote two collection of poems:

- SONGS OF INNOCENCE: Love for nature, beauty, children and innocents creatures, poem gentle and optimistic.
- SONGS OF EXPERIENCE: Poems strange, more violent in tone and richer in symbolism.

-“THE LAMB” is the symbol Christ.
Lamb is equal to humble, joy, tenderness.
Blake identify himself in God. Infact he feel himself inspired by God so he is in a certain point of view God.

-“NURSE’S SONG“ (1)- during the day_ childhood.
When the nurse take care of the child she remember when she was a child. She remember her innocence, her joy, her happiness.


-“THE TIGER” represent the evil part of man, but also the energy
(-act of creation-): the man can have energy to create but also
energy to destroy.
Man_ good part: childhood
_evil part: when you grow up you can become an evil man

-“NURSE’S SONG“ (2)- during the night_ when everything is finished. He consider imagination in a different way: experience.
This poem represents the night, the final act of creation, the end of the day, of the life, of the wishes.
Voices are low (“silence”, “whisper”).

Poetry can’t exist without imagination.
Imagination is a sort of gift by God. Nature came from God.
The poet get inspiration from nature so inspiration came from God.
The poet is considered a prophet who had to teach to the other man his wit.
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