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The Viking

Soon after establishing their Kingdoms in England, the Anglo-Saxons had to defend themselves from a new wave of invasion from Norway and Demark. The Vikings, as these a new sea-borne raider were called, occupied large parts of Northumbria, Marcia, and East Anglo. The Anglo-Saxons were forced in Wessex under the leadership of King Alfred the great (849 – 99), a fine soldier and states now who reconquered, vered the lands the Vikings had occupied and because the 1st king to Unite England under one crown However, the Vikings hadn’t creased their raids, taking advantage of king Ethelred (978 – 1016), who even raised protection money to keep the Vikings happy (Danegela).
The Scandinavian warriors continued to raid Britain’s shore until the Viking King Canute was able to claim the English crown (1016 – 35).
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