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The Anglo-Saxons

Anglo-Saxon in England

The Anglo-Saxons came to England from Germany, they were three tribes: Angles, Saxons and Jutes. The Anglo-Saxons’ arrival changed the England: the Celts were driven into the West that they called Wales, land of foreigners; Other Celts went into the North that they called Scotland.
So the England meaning “ the land of Angles”. The Anglo-Saxons changed the language, in fact the ending -ingh meant family and “ham” meant farm. So “Birmingham”, a England’s city, mean “farm of Beormund”. The Anglo-Saxons had seven kings, one for each region.

The groups of Anglo-Saxon society

The Anglo-Saxon’s society was split in 5 classes: the king, the eorl, how were a hereditary aristocracy, the thegns, how were a warriors who defended a law, the chutls, the peasants, and at the bottom of society there were slaves.

Anglo-Saxon’ life

The Anglo-Saxons were farmers, fisherman and hunters; they settled in the forest and made it into cultivable land. They considered the forest both benign and malevolent : it was the sours of material of daily life and it was the home of dangerous animals too.


They improved the agricultural methods with heavy plough; they divided the fields into thin strips for facilitate the turning of ploughs; their livestock were sheep, pigs, poultry. The bees were very important for honey that was the only sweetening substance for sweeted an alcoholic drink.

Anglo-Saxons’ life

Many Anglo-Saxon artefacts were found in their tombs; from them we know that Anglo-Saxon lord did a party where they had a communal oral tradition. The beauty of languages was considered one of pleasure of life, though only a few Anglo-Saxons could be a healthy life. In fact epidemics and famine caused a lot of dead; the world “to starve” derives form Anglo-Saxon word “to die
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