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The term "anglo saxon" is generally used to:
- describe the period of english hystory form the mid-5th century. in this period , in the year 1066 the angles, the Saxon and the Jutes arrived in England.;
- refer to the people who occupied the land for 600 years,
- indicate the literature of the period , but the termi "Old english conveyes the idea of the continuty of the language.
tthe language of the old English and the Middle English is one of the most important Elements for the national identty,. Linke in any culture, the first example of literature in English is oral and the subject are : religion, wars and the trials of daily life.
the fist fragmente is know is composed arouns 670 and it's know as "Caedemon's Hymn", it is the first Christian religious poem in Old English that was perservered by monks. Christian monks and nns were the guardians of culture and they were the only people who could read and write at that period. this kind of literature is the voice of everyday people, told in the first person and reflectin ordinary human exxperienxe. the speaker relate is experience and asks the audience to socializate with him. all the texts in the oral Anglo Saxon tradition are poetry: they were written down mny year after thy were composed. mosta are short but, Bewolf is the only long epic poem.

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