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Everybody claim that your teenage years are the best years of your life, even people who are no longer teenagers afirm that, and it is very usual to hear someone who is no longer teen say the hw would like to come back at this period of his/her life. The teenage years are the years of experience and I think that teens should talk to their parents about these new discovers and sensations they try for the very first time.

Firstly it is clear that parents are always parents and telling them about your personal experiences in the wrong way or underlining too much the negative and dangerous aspects, could endanger the relationship that there is between you and yours parents.

While it is true that do experiences of different types is really stimulating for teens, and talking before or after have done the experience with their parents can be a way to compare the same experience and see how each of us has tackled it. Tell at your parents what are you going to do, will certainly reassure them. Furthermore talk about what you are going to plan with your parents, can be a way to give space to them to give you advice and recommendations

In conclusion, it seems to me that tell everything to the parents can be a great thing, because it can reinforce the relationship of trust between members of the family.

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