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Warm Up

When you add a small amount of heat to something, you warm it up. When talking about food, you can say heat up or warm up, but when talking about people, it is usually only said warm up. You might warm a person up by giving them hot tea or a sweater to wear. You also warm up when you do small exercises or stretch before playing a sport, running or doing other heavier exercises.
Ex: After walking around for several hours, I decided to warm up a bit by going inside to sit by the fire and have some coffee.
Ex: My trainer says you should always stretch and warm up by jogging a little and doing some jumping jacks before lifting weights. Otherwise you might injure yourself.
Warm up is often used in the passive form, to get warmed up, when talking about ways that people try to warm up their bodies. Warm someone up is also used in a figurative sense, to suggest that you are friendly with someone or tell them jokes in order to get them ready to listen to a sales pitch or watch an entertaining show.
Ex: After skiing all afternoon, Scott suggested that we go inside the cabin and get warmed up by having tea with sugar and rum. It was a really good idea.
Ex: I like working with Jesse when I'm trying to make sales because he's very funny. He's good at warming potential customers up before we make our pitch.
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