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To inflame literally means to set fire to something, but it is rarely used in this sense. More often people say inflame when they are talking about someone getting very, very angry. Sarah was inflamed by the report means the report made Sarah very, very mad. You can also use it to refer to a physical problem. For example, when a part of the body becomes red, swollen, hot and painful, it becomes inflamed.
Ex: When Sarah learned that her employer had edited her report and made major changes, she became inflamed. She was so angry she couldn't even talk to her about it.
Ex: I fell in a pothole last summer and twisted my ankle. It wasn't painful at first, so I ignored it. But after a day in the hot, humid weather it became so inflamed that it doubled in size and I couldn't even walk. I had to go to the hospital for a steroid injection.
The condition in which a part of the body becomes red, swollen, hot and painful because of an illness or injury is called inflammation. Medicines like aspirin and ibuprofen that are used for this are called non-steroidal anti-inflammatories or NSAIDs. Another word for making someone very, very angry like inflame is enrage. When someone is enraged they can't even think clearly.
Ex: One of the most common symptoms of arthritis is inflammation of the joints in the hands. It makes everyday tasks like opening a bottle or typing an email very painful. Taking a NSAID like aspirin can help.
Ex: When Julia learned that her best friend was now going out with her ex-boyfriend she was enraged. She couldn't believe she could do that without even asking if Julia would mind.
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