Video appunto: Verbi like, love,adore, enjoy

To like and to love

To like something or someone is to have an affinity for it, to enjoy or admire it. If you like something very much, you love it. The verb to love implies a stronger feeling. When you love something, you
have moved beyond just liking it.

Ex: I love painting beach scenes, but not the typical sunsets that you see in all the seaside art shops.
prefer to paint people who are arriving at or leaving the beach to include the aspect of human
movement in my art.

Ex: It is obvious that Elsie, my young niece, loves hearing how well she performs in her piano recitals.
She can't hide the proud grin on her face when she receives a compliment on her playing.


center]To adore

While you'll hear love very often in conversation, adore is less common, and indicates a stronger
feeling than love. To adore something or someone is to have strong feelings of affection or delight in
it. Sometimes it may be used as a way to exaggerate.

Ex: It was remarkable for me to discover that my friend adores listening to opera while she is riding in
her car on the way to work each day.

Ex: I simply adored riding bicycles all around the island during our summer vacation this year. There is
something great about getting both physical exercise and viewing beautiful scenery at the same

To enjoy

Another way to say that you like something is using the verb to enjoy, which means to take pleasure
in doing it.

Ex: I enjoy listening to jazz music more than any other genre. This is probably because that is what my
father listened to, and I have many happy memories of tuning in to the radio together as he
explained the great jazz artists to me.