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To have value means to have a lot of worth. A person or thing can have value in terms of money or just in the emotional power or importance it holds.
Ex: Sarah had no idea how much value her house had until she sold it last year. She made $300,000 more than she spent on it over ten years ago.
Ex: If you want to get a car that has a lot of value, consider buying a BMW. They are very well made and will last a lot longer than other cars of a lower price.
Something that has an extreme or high amount of value is invaluable. This means it is difficult to replace and should be well taken care of.
Ex: Relationships are the most invaluable thing you can have in this life. You can always get a new job or make more money, but you can never replace a friendship that is broken.
Ex: When Sarah lost her wedding ring last year, she told her husband not to buy her a new one. She said the ring was invaluable to her, and a new ring could never be as special as the first.


To appreciate someone or something means to show that you are happy to have that thing or person in your life. When you show appreciation, you tell others how much you enjoy that person or thing.
Ex: Joe showed her appreciation for her employees by taking them out for a nice dinner. She wanted them to know how happy she was with their hard work.
Ex: Whatever happens in life, you should always appreciate your parents. They did their very best to take care of you and will always be there for you when you need their help.
On the other hand, if you do not appreciate the people in your life, they may feel unappreciated. If you are unappreciated, you feel unimportant to the people in your life.
Ex: Megan felt very unappreciated when no one came to her birthday party. She had worked very hard on the decorations, but her friends all said they were too busy to come.
Ex: Joel was always a happy, smiling person. No one knew how unappreciated he felt at home until he filed for divorce from his wife last year.
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