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To twinkle is to give off an irregular light that varies between bright and faint. Stars often do this.
Ex: I prefer the stars to the city lights. They are farther away and not as bright, but I like they way they twinkle when you watch them, seeming to turn off and on a bit.
Ex: My favourite part of Christmas is putting up the tree. I love the way the ornaments and lights shine and twinkle. It looks so magical.
A funny way to describe a time before someone was born is to say when you were just a twinkle in your father's eye. You can also describe a lot of positive emotions in a more poetic way by saying a person's eyes twinkled with laughter, joy, happiness, delight...
Ex: Josephine, who was much older, simply laughed and said that she remembered when we were just twinkles in our father's eye.
Ex: Sarah listened to the story about her niece with joy and her eyes just twinkled with laughter and delight. She obviously loves her so much.


An order is a direct statement requiring you to do something. There are consequences for disobeying an order. To give an order is to tell someone to do or say something.
Ex: When I arrived at work this morning, I found a list of orders from my boss. I was certain that there were too many to complete in one day.
Ex: Stuart's mother ordered him to take out the rubbish before leaving for school. He knew that if he disobeyed her order, he wouldn't be able to go to the cinema tonight.
To place things in order is to arrange them neatly or place them in a specific sequence, like smallest to largest. A tall order is a difficult task or request.
Ex: Teachers seem compelled to make classroom seating charts by placing students in alphabetical order by last name. Because my last name is Adams, I am always placed in the first desk in the front row. The lucky kid whose last name is White gets to sit in the back of the room
Ex: Marjorie declared that losing thirty pounds before her daughter's wedding would be a tall order. She decided to join a gym and work out regularly to help her reach her goal
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