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Land-yachting is a sport which takes elements from multiple activities, but mostly is a kind of high-speed yachting, without water. It usually takes place on beaches because there is possible to find the necessary strong wind currents. Rings resemble a canoe with wheels, some have sails attached while others have huge kites to enhance and improve the speed. Lots of the participants have already some sail knowledge and some of them can reach speed up to 70 mph. In reality you don't need a great deal of experience to drive one. Activity centers offering equipment and tuition provide an introduction into the sport.

Potholing is the sport of exploring caves and involves crawling through narrow spaces, climbing with ropes and getting wet. Crawling on your hands and knees through a dark, damp hole deep underground can be an eerie experience but also great fun. Many centers organize outings to local caves and, a part from a guide, they will provide you the all-important mud-repellent clothing.

Octopush is the fastest watersports in UK, composed by hockey, waterpolo and sub aqua. This sport involves two teams of six attempting to push a heavy lead puck into a goal at either end. Bouts last 15 minutes each way, with frequent surfacing for breaths of air. It has a growing following among both men and women of all ages.

The art of falconry is very a old form of art, who has always been present in the history and now it is attracting a wide rage of people. Groups can watch while a selection of birds are put through their paces and the braver one among the groups can have a go at handling one of birds. Session are built around the fact that birds fly for foods, usually raw meat, and when they have had enough to eat, they sometimes stay on trees and refuse to come back. Many of the birds used are endangered species, so in addition to being educational, an interest in falconry helps to raise money for research.

Skysurfing is a cross between skydiving, surfing and gymnastics. Skysurfer pairs jump in tandem, one performs death-defying tricks while the other one films the manoeuvres. The boards are reinforced snowboards that allow riders to carve through the air. The execution of spins and somersaults places a tremendous strain on the body, similar to that experienced by the jet pilots.

Fencing remains as popular as ever, despite the decline in dueling with a foil blade. In competition, fencers fight on a special marked area that allows them to move forwards and backwards but restricts sideways movement. You get points when the tip of the foil strikes your opponent's electronic chest gar. At the clubs around the country you can practice to achieve the necessary speed, fitness and lightning reflexes.

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